1. Please read your owner’s manual.  It’s full of helpful hints on the operation of your new BMW, and will enhance your driving experience. 


  1. Always switch off the engine before refueling. Replace fuel filler cap carefully, insuring that it seals properly.  Failure to do either of these properly can result in the “check engine” light coming on.   Check engine light:  If this indicator lights up, either continuously or intermittently, it indicates a fault in the emissions related electronic systems.  In most instances, it will be safe to drive the vehicle, however, a fault in the cooling system can trigger this light, and the car should not  be driven.  In this event, you will need to have the car towed to us by BMW Roadside Assistance.  Otherwise, you should have the system checked by a BMW dealer at the earliest possible opportunity.


  1. Remember that the BMW Roadside Assistance program is available to you.  The phone number is on the inside of your trunk lid.  Please call this number any time that you are stranded.  They will tow your car to us, or to the nearest BMW dealership, as soon as possible.  They will also contact us so that we are aware it is coming, which, in most cases, alleviates unnecessary delay in repairing your car.   You can also access BMW Roadside Assistance by pushing your BMW Assist button in cars so equipped, or if your car is equipped with I-Drive.


  1. If a jump-start is necessary, follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual.  Never use a source greater than an equivalent sized battery (12V) in another car or light truck (NO TOW TRUCK BOOSTERS).  Note:  Any time power has been interrupted, the on-board computer, radio, and seat memories can be “lost” and must be re-set.  If the car will be stored for a period of time (over two weeks), the battery should be charged periodically, or disconnected to prevent discharge.  Our parts department sells a “smart” battery charger that monitors the battery’s charge state, and charges it when needed.  It is also useful for mowers and motorcycles!


  1. If you are planning to use one of your rental coupons, please tell our Service Reservationist AT THE TIME YOU MAKE THE APPOINTMENT so that they can reserve a car for you.  You MUST bring the coupon in to pick up the rental car.  (Z4, 3, 5, & X series, only)


  1. Alignment and balancing are only covered up to 2000 miles.  Adjustments due to pothole damage are not covered by the factory warranty.  The tires are covered by their own manufacturer’s warranty.  For proper tire/tread life, tires should be rotated every 7500 miles.  Failure to do so could cause the tires to prematurely “cup”, thus reducing their life.   These service items are not covered by the BMW free maintenance plan.  “M” cars and some Sports Package cars cannot be rotated due to “staggered” wheel/tire sizes.


  1. Check tire pressures regularly, at least once a month, and before any long journey!  Incorrect tire pressure can lead to tire and wheel damage, as well as premature tire wear. Bent rims are generally caused by low tire pressure coupled with our infamous Indiana chuckholes.  Refer to the Owners Manual for the correct tire pressure.  Pay particular attention to tire pressures in the fall and winter!  This is especially true of Sport Package cars and M cars.   The “Flat Tire Monitor” on your car does not tell you if ALL of the tires are getting low, only if ONE or TWO get low.  It measures the difference between the tires, not the absolute pressure.  Checking them is YOUR responsibility.


  1. We recommend winter tires (four “M+S” rated radials) for operation in winter driving conditions, particularly if your vehicle is originally equipped with high performance (“Sport”) low profile tires.


  1. Convertibles:  Periodically apply Zymol or Hyde Food to (at least) the tops of all leather surfaces; they can dry rot from sun exposure within two to four years without protection.   The (Soft) Convertible Top should be protected once a year with a product like Scotchgard.  Our Detail Department can apply these for you for a nominal charge.  (the new hardtop convertibles do not need this top treatment.)


  1. Never use your key or remote to lock doors with anyone inside the car.  Never.


  1. Use 91 octane (or higher) unleaded fuels.  There is a significant difference in gasoline quality offered for sale in the United States. We recommend using a well-recognized high quality brand that satisfies the octane requirement of your specific vehicle.  “M” Cars use premium fuel only.    BMW engines are not designed for E85 fuel.       Ask about “Top Tier” fuels, or go to: Wal-mart, Meijer, CostCo, and Sams Club are NOT “well-recognized high quality brand fuels”!!


  1. Oil and Service.  All new BMW’s use long-life synthetic oil.  BMW will not allow us to perform your pre-paid service until the Service Interval Indicator signifies that it is time, or until one year has passed since your last service.  If the oil level is low, use only BMW oil.-Any oil required between services is the responsibility of the customer. 

    -Oil consumption is to be expected on “M” cars, and should be checked frequently.

  2. Bluetooth phones – Use only BMW approved phones to pair up to the car.  Go to for an approved list.  Other phones may work, but can cause damage to your vehicle, and are not approved for use.  Any damage caused by a non-approved phone will not be covered by your BMW warranty.