xDrive offers all-wheel-drive peace of mind.

Unlike other all-wheel-drive systems, we’ve built xDrive, BMW’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system with rear-wheel bias for surefooted grip on slick or uneven roads, without sacrificing the feel of rear-wheel drive. It smartly sends power to the wheel or wheels with the surest footing–and it does so in milliseconds. That means under normal conditions, drive forces are spread out with a rear-wheel bias. But the moment the system senses excessive wheel slip, it subtly shifts torque to meet the changing conditions, offering maximum available traction and superior handling on all surfaces–despite the weather conditions.


Pioneering Origins

Pioneering Origins

With its ability to apportion torque instantly to the front and rear axles, BMW’s original xDrive became the benchmark in performance all-wheel-drive systems. Continual improvements have ensured that it maintained that position, even as competitors have developed sophisticated systems of their own.

Introduced on the original X5, the first-generation xDrive was basically a passive system that featured transferred power via a center differential, and utilized the vehicle’s braking system to stop wheel slippage, thereby apportioning torque front to rear.

The second-generation all-wheel-drive system refined this design, adding the ability to transfer torque directly via a central clutch that operated independently of the brakes. By utilizing signals from the Dynamic Stability Control the second-generation system could open or close the clutch to provide instantaneous, continuously variable torque transfer front to rear. This design is still used today.


Innovative Future

Innovative Future

For the first time in a BMW, Dynamic Performance Control gives the new BMW X6, BMW X6 M, and BMW X5 M unique new cornering qualities as it seamlessly switches power between the left and right rear wheels to stabilize the vehicle within milliseconds while increasing traction and lateral acceleration.

That means you can enter bends more precisely and cross-accelerate faster with optimized grip when you accelerate out.

As a logical progression of the BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system, Dynamic Performance Control can be matched to all drive concepts and engines. Whereas BMW xDrive variably controls the power distribution between the front and rear axles, Dynamic Performance Control intelligently distributes power between the two rear wheels. This results in precise handling whatever the driving conditions. Together with the all-wheel BMW xDrive system, Dynamic Performance Control delivers enhanced agility and dynamics on all surfaces.

Joy is always by your side. Joy is BMW Dynamic Performance Control.